About Us

Champions of Live is a brand new venture in 2020 to help people who are struggling with the COVID Pandemic to share family moments in fun and unique ways.

We have a strong focus on video and web technology, asynchronous communication methods, and live online events. That’s a lot of big words to mean that we build special memories for families and friends who can’t be together during this time of crisis. Our technology combined with some creative applications gives you the ability to build up to some awesome life events such as a wedding without people having to travel or the couple having to shell out tens of thousands to feed and entertain all those people. This results in far lower costs for the bride and groom and an improved experience all around.

The Pandemic is going to take a good long while to wind down and many people are not going to be able to travel for a variety of reasons. However, major life events are going to continue to happen during this time.

There will be weddings, funerals, and other major life events. Our team is here to help you shorten the geographical distances separating you so that everyone can participate in these big events, happy and sad alike. Build those lifelong memories without the need to be in the same room together. While nothing can replace the touch and feel of physical presence, we can at least enjoy each other together through the Internet and still spend time together in a very special way.

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