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Dance Recital Live Streams

Parents, grandparents, and others can’t always make it  to see a dance recital performed live, but with live stream dance recitals, they can see it as it happens or whenever they want!

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Get the Experience Without Leaving Home.

There are so many reasons why people can’t be there to watch a dance recital - they live too far away, have to work late, or COVID - but with live stream dance recitals, that doesn’t matter! Parents, grandparents, and others can stay home and watch from anywhere.

What Kinds of Live Dance Studio Experiences We Create


Multi-cam -- Not Just A Cell Phone Video

Our live stream setup includes 4 cameras so your viewers can watch from all angles. See the action, get close ups on the dancers, and give everyone their moment in the spotlight.

Unlimited Audience

Charge for tickets to offset your expenses or play for free. Open up to a much larger audience than the people who are visiting. Turn your recital event into a money making enterprise for your business and take advantage of the virtues of an unlimited audience.

Young woman dancer. Contrast colors.

A Premium Recording Just For You

After the event, the live stream is available as a recording. Share it with your students and their parents or use it in your marketing moving forward. The choice is yours. We record every camera angle as well as the live feed so you can even create premium edits after the action is over.

The Live Online Reception Experience

Live streaming the dance recital is a great way to get some exposure for yourself and your business. It's also a great opportunity to connect with the parents and extended family of your students who are there at the event.

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This is all very new technology and much of it isn’t available anywhere else in the world. We are not surprised if you have questions!

The Costs

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