Emotional funeral experiences near and far

Honor your family the right way.

Live broadcast your funeral for those who cannot attend in person. Honor your loved one's legacy while helping your friends and family face their grief in a constructive and positive way.

Hold interactive events with people so those who cannot attend in person can visit online and participate.

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When you or a loved one passes away, live streaming the funeral through Champions of Live creates a unique opportunity for family and friends to connect with each other and honor the person who passed on.

What Kinds of Funeral Experiences We Create

Two girls praying in front of a tomb in a cemetery

Funeral Experience

Our team can create a video slideshow of your loved one to broadcast to visitors who want to come and give their well wishes.

We will mix this presentation with live footage of the funeral event.

The Memorial Service

We will offer a chance for friends and family to send in a recorded video that can be played back live during the memorial service.

We also allow people to participate live from afar. We can create a Zoom meeting and allow people to tune in from anywhere to listen to the memorial service as it unfolds and also to speak to the group from their Phone/Tablet/or PC.

You have full control over who is allowed to present and when they do in order to prevent any unnecessary family drama.

Wooden casket with funeral flowers, cremation ceremony

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This is all very new technology and much of it isn’t available anywhere else in the world. We are not surprised if you have questions!


We live in a very new world. People no longer wish to attend live events in person. Many are fearful to travel.

This results in people being unable or unwilling to attend the funerals of people that they care about. 

With a live streamed event these people will be able to participate and commemorate your special someone regardless of if they are there in person or not.

We do not currently provide this kind of service for a funeral service. We will basically integrate with the funeral home and your religious representative in order to take the event online.

Yes, we can run a static live stream event so people can just attend. The interactive features of our live stream service are available but not required. If you don't want to have people participate from online, then you can simply choose to not allow this kind of interaction.

The Costs

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