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Don’t give up on your wedding in 2020! Utilize video and web technology to celebrate your special day with your life partner and share with family and friends all from the comfort of your home.

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We offer some awesome tailored wedding experiences so you can still celebrate your wedding during this weird time we’re living in. We know that brides planning to marry this year are hurting and have been debating canceling, downsizing, or postponing their wedding until the next year.

Don’t give up!

You can have the wedding of your dreams. We have put in a lot of creative thinking into what makes a wedding experience special and have rebuilt the wedding from the ground up. Save money, have a wedding you only dreamed about, share the time with your special someone, and still include all of your family and friends with a special online experience.

What Kinds of Wedding Experiences We Create

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The Adventure Wedding

2020 is a turning point in the wedding experience. What used to be a huge, expensive, and drama laden event/party has been morphing into the launch into the new future for a new couple. Adventure weddings are in style right now. But what about your family and friends? No problem.

We’ll come along and vlog your incredible day, capturing the feel and excitement of the big day and delivering a video that can be shared with friends and family. For those who include our reception package (detailed below), we’ll live stream the finished vlog in a watch-party format so you can watch back your wedding day with all of your friends and family present live on the stream. All those special, awesome moments will be soaked up in their entirety with everyone that you love.

The Popup Wedding

An adventure wedding takes place out in the wilderness at the top of a mountain or on a beach. A popup wedding takes place in a public space such as a city square, a special wedding venue, a place of work, or a bar/restaurant that is special to the couple. Popup weddings are earmarked by their rapid setup, simple look and feel, and sharing a special moment in a very public location. Depending on where the wedding takes place, people may not even know it is happening until it is in session!

Assuming there is good cell signal, our team will bring in very discrete gear in order to effectively capture a popup wedding experience and stream it live. Announce ahead of time that you’re getting married in a surprise location and then “pop up” someplace awesome!

Say “YES” to the awesome opportunities that life throws your way and plan a surprise popup wedding and bring ALL of your guests along to share in that special day.

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monitor of video camera during a videosurvey

The Wedding Live Stream

For those yearning for a more traditional experience. The wedding live stream is our package to bring the live streamed experience to your wedding. Our crew will come out and capture your wedding with our multi-cam setup. Assuming there is good cell signal or wifi then we will also be able to push that event to the Internet live so all of your guests who may not have been able to make it can participate and watch your special wedding day.

If you have a live reception, then we can continue the live stream experience through the reception. We will work with you to integrate the live stream into your reception event so those watching can also have a chance to experience the wedding day with you.

The Live Online Reception Experience

Your wedding is a moment your guests can experience with you, but your reception is their time to share their joy with you. Give your online guests a voice through our video capture tools so they can share stories, cheers of excitement, and even a special dance with you.

Our team uses online technology to allow people to share videos easily from their phone, tablet, or computer. Our team will capture and edit down these videos from your guests into highlight reels that we will play back for you live on stream with your guests. You’ll get a chance to share in something awesome and unique, building those special moments. And whats even better is you will get to keep all of these videos full of warmth, fun, excitement, and probably more than a few good jokes for the rest of your life.

Your wedding day will become a wedding lifetime in one of the coolest ways possible.
Also, if your wedding day was recorded by video (such as an adventure wedding held off of the beaten path) than our team will play back the pre-recorded highlight video of the wedding day live on stream so you can watch it back for the first time along with all of your guests.

A live streamed reception can take place on the day of your wedding, or if you choose, you can host an online reception at a later date from your wedding.

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Live Streamed Wedding Days

Our team has a complete, portable, multi-camera live streaming setup. Host your wedding, your way, and we’ll cover it for you. If we have reliable Internet access (good cell signal or wifi) then we will live stream the event. If there is not good Internet then we will record and stream it back at a later time.

Vlogging Adventures

Our team will follow along with you as you embark on your wedding adventure. We’ll bring along all the equipment and skills to vlog your adventure wedding day. We’ll cut out all the junk and give you an awesome finished video that tells the story of your wedding day.

Bride and groom

A Wedding Website With a Purpose

Accept video messages from friends and family through our wedding websites. Instead of simply sharing your story, allow your guests to send you messages through your wedding website. We’ll provide some prompts to get them to dance, sing, offer cheers and words of encouragement, and also share stories and fun stories with you and your fiancé.

You’ll get these videos in their entirety, but we will edit them down into some entertaining highlight reels and share them with you during the online reception so you can experience them for the first time with all of your friends and family there with you.

Interactive Online Receptions

Our online receptions are an event you will never forget. We will make sure there are plenty of special surprise moments so you can enjoy an hour or so with friends and family to celebrate your special day. If your wedding wasn’t live streamed then we’ll play that back so you can watch it for the first time along with all of your guests. We will also share our special guest highlight reels live on the stream so you can enjoy special moments with many of your special friends and family.

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This is all very new technology and much of it isn’t available anywhere else in the world. We are not surprised if you have questions!


We’ve put a lot of thought into what makes an event special. Weddings are a big day for everyone involved and often create memories for life. We wanted to capture that in an online event. Since we cannot all gather together in a room to celebrate we created some completely new and unique ways of capturing the atmosphere of the wedding reception experience so that guests wouldn’t just be tuning in to watch like a TV show. We wanted them to participate in a special way that would bless the bride and groom.

We do this through a live chat, pre-recorded guest videos, and live streaming the bride and groom’s reactions on the stream.

For the online receptions we will provide an M.C. or you can as well. The choice is yours and won’t really impact the event from a cost perspective. Your M.C. doesn’t have to be local, either. They can tune in from anywhere they have a good connection. We recommend they use a device with a decent camera and microphone such as a recent generation iPhone/Macbook/Smartphone/or Laptop.

We try to open up the boundaries of where we can live stream from. However, our tech is limited by the boundaries of cell phone signal. We prefer to stream over wifi, but can definitely do cell phone signal. If there is not a strong enough signal, then we will simply record what we see and play it back at a later time during one of our reception events.

All of our wedding packages include a highlight reel of the wedding experience. Our reception event includes guest highlight reels.

The Costs

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